Friday, December 12, 2014

Random Kauai

I took so many pictures on this trip...  there are some that just don't fit into any category. 

Like this orange.  Bought it at a farmer's market, the most delicious orange I've ever tasted.  I did not manage to get photographic evidence of the bananas, pineapple and papaya - also procured market style - also delicious!

 Yeah, so this is a thing!  The ultimate "his&hers" store - Ace Hardware & Crafts!!!

This was the view from our morning flight to Seattle.  

And this view is from our Seattle to Kauai flight.  I have never been over so much open ocean before.  Beautiful! 

This is a sign we saw on a telephone pole in Hanalei Town.  Love it!

Lunch on the beach, procured from a taco truck.   So Yummy!  

Waimea Canyon selfie!  Don just loves selfies :)

Another view fromthe Waimea canyon drive, this one looks out to sea.

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