Friday, December 12, 2014

Kauai Coffee

We had never visited a coffee plantation before, and we had some time on one of our last days, so we checked out Kauai coffee.  It was pretty neat to see the plants, and some of the machinery used in the collecting and processing.
This was the coffee that we had in our room each morning, and even Don enjoyed it so much that he wanted to see the plantation.  We learned a lot about different types of coffee, light roast vs dark roast for caffeine content... it was pretty neat!

Sorry, not many pics here.

This is an arabica coffee plant:

Sugar cane was a prominent crop on the island before coffee came in to replace it.

This is a robusta plant, another type of coffee - it's cheaper, and has less of an actual coffee taste.  It made me wonder if a very popular coffee chain here in Canada might use this type of coffee, because I have never thought their coffee has much of a "coffee flavour" to it.  The chain shall remain nameless :)

Pictures of an old coffee mill.  It amazes me how ornate this machine was made to look.  Machines now are so devoid of beauty, I find it interesting that there was a time when people took pride in the aesthetics of processing.

And the sign, in front of the property...

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