Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nepali Coast, Kauai

I have to say that the first day spent on Kauai didn't quite convince me.
That first day was spent trying to find our way, so my focus was on roads, buildings and the like.  It felt very "North American."  Even just the needing to drive and seek out food is kind of foreign to us as far as vacation goes.  Normally, we are staying in an all-inclusive kind of situation, where food just happens, and we don't need to drive to seek out adventure.

But Kauai quickly grew on me!  Driving allowed us to get to areas we wouldn't have had access to, and to see and hike some really lush jungles, along with an impressive canyon. Driving allowed us to seek out some AMAZING food trucks and restaurants, but mostly food trucks.

We hiked along a portion of the Nepali Coast.  The terrain was advanced, to say the least.  Big elevation gains and dips, with narrow passageways along steep slopes, complicated by muddy rock, and rocky mud.  But the views were amazing.  And the beach the trail led to was breathtaking.  We got a later start than we intended, so we'll have to save the hike to the falls for our next trip.   We didn't want to get stuck on this trail after we lost our light!
Here are some photos from that day:

I had stopped to check out this little "fountain" someone had clearly made by sticking a Cordyline leaf into the rocks of this little mountain stream.  So lovely, and now functional enough to refill a water bottle. (although we didn't have to top up, and not sure I would just drink the water without knowing about it!)  So, just as we were ready to continue on our walk, I caught site of this beautifully variegated plant, growing just off to the right of the fountain.  I spent a few moments checking out this leaf, and by this time, Don was really ready to leave...

When THIS "little" guy popped out on one of the rocks of the stream.  WOW!  Impressive for sure, but not someone I would want to get to know too well...

He crossed the trail right where we were standing and continued on down the mountain, and our of our lives forever.

Sweaty hikers.

And now for that gorgeous beach!!

It was such a beautiful beach, I decided to take advantage of the scenery.

This hillside was just stunning!  It runneth over with cordyline, fern and alocasia!!

I loved the colour of these new fern shoots, so rosy and delicate looking.

 It was a gorgeous, strenuous hike, and I'd recommend it for people who hike regularly.  We even saw a number of locals doing the trail barefoot!  (next time, Gadget!)   However, as we were coming down the mountain (and quickly losing our light), we saw lots of ambitious types in flip flops (even one in a long dress!)  who thought they would like to make it to the first look-out to see the sunset.  I hope they took our advice and returned on another day with plenty of time, water and shoes better suited to the task!

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