Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Breakfast of champions....

So… this morning, I was trying to get to work early, like 7.45am instead of 8.15 am – it’s only half an hour, but considering 8.15 is hard enough for me to manage, getting in half an hour earlier was a real feat!

I woke up, pretty foggy, but I managed to get myself into an upright position and stumble my way into the shower.

After the shower, I let the dogs out, and back in again, and fed all my furry creatures, and put the kettle on to boil. I normally pop a teabag in my mug as soon as I grab it, but I remember thinking this morning, NO - - THIS MORNING YOU NEED COFFEE….. (this was said in a very loud, foggy voice in my head) So, I prep my coffee, I have a little filter that sits on top of the mug, so I can make one cup at a time, directly into the mug.

And I’m having my toast and coffee - - in a total haze - -when I get to the bottom of the mug, I see this weird lump… it was a teabag ! I had put a teabag in my mug, as usual, and then made coffee right over it!

Don't bother trying this at home: For the uninitiated, the assumed extra jolt of caffeine this may or may not provide wears off as quickly (sadly) as if I had only selected one of these beverages. But I have to say, it really didn't taste all that bad, I drink pretty strong coffee, so that's all I tasted...