Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking up with facebook?

Recently, I've begun thinking of breaking it off with facebook. Somehow, we've drifted apart. Maybe it's me, and not you, Facebook.... but I just don't feel as excited about our relationship anymore.
Really, the only thing that we do together anymore is email people I would already be in contact with on a regular basis. And, to be honest, I have other tools for that. I don't want to make you feel bad, but good old hotmail is fine for that.
I know, you're a pretty good place for posting pictures, that's right. But there are lots of other places I can post pictures that don't have marketing attached to the sidebars. There, I said it, I guess that's what bothers me most about you facebook... It's the corporate creepin' you have going on on the side. Kinda weirds me out.
In fact, there is a portion of my job that I'm told I can't do without a facebook account. Well, I draw the line there. There is no need for me to combine my facebook page and my job. And I'm not about to start a "legit" page that I can use for work. That's just too much work. And right now, my private page, that's my page, and it's not there for people from work to look at. I need some safe place, where I can be me... And facebook, you just don't seem like it anymore.

So, yeah, I am thinking of breaking it off with you. Once I collect all those emails from people, I guess it will be over.