Sunday, November 13, 2005

My Halifax adventure!

I spent this past weekend in Halifax Nova Scotia visiting my friend, who is studying at Dalhousie U. It was so great! I had never been to Halifax before, but more importantly, I cannot remember the last time I've had so much time to spend with Michelle! I may have never had this much time to spend with Michelle before this.
I arrived on friday night, and Michelle met me at the airport. After a long ride on the airport shuttle, we had a yummy dinner back at her place and talked for a long, long, long time... oh yeah, we drank some wine :) (we're good at that, aren't we?)
The next day, we were up early and went to the farmer's market - which was such a cool experience! It's held in an older portion of the Alexander Keith's brewery - and it winds around like a little maze, every corner turning up new musicians, delicious sights and smells, wicked coffee, and the best damn cinnamon roll I've every had! So we just wandered through the market, talking and taking it all in, and then we headed for the harbour in the bitter cold, but I had so much fun!
It's a beautiful city and of course, it was great to spend the time with Michelle.
Later in the day, she gave me a tour of the lab where she works at Dalhousie, and that was just fascinating! Brains, and slides and microscopes, oh my!
Saturday night was an appetizer gathering with friends at her place before dinner at the Fireside, it was really a great evening, and a very happy weekend overall.

Thank you Michelle for the hospitality, I had such a wonderful time!
Hope we can meet up over xmas (I will have a room ready for you and Samuel!)

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