Wednesday, November 09, 2005

EXTRA, EXTRA, Read all about it: "Boy" Saves Cat!

We arrived back from Jamaica on a saturday evening, about 5.30, and we had planned to check in on the animals, and then go to rent about 3 or 4 movies, and complete our vacation by vegging on the couch with our two cats and our dog.
When we walked in, my aunt was here - her car was not... at first, I was really happy to see her, gave her a happy greeting and a big hug - and then I started wondering... why is she here? She began by saying, "Lucy is okay, BUT..."
And from this point, the previous week was gone temporarily from my head.
She explained that the dog must have been chasing the cat (a regular occurance in our house) and Lucy must have tried to hide behind the plethora of crap we have in the basement, and between the two of them a big heavy cutting board (it's really more like a two inch thick BLOCK of wood) fell on Lucy. That's at least the commonly accepted lore of what happened, because there seems to be no other explanation. I'm so lucky that my brother was home when this happened, because he heard the big noise and went to see what happened, and when he found her, she was bleeding a LOT from the nose, eye, mouth area, and sort of stumbling around. He says she began going into shock almost immediately, and he rushed her to the emergency vet. They worked on her there overnight, and he moved her to her regular vet the next day. She was still pretty groggy when we got home, which was three days after her bonk on the head - and she hadn't been eating.
My poor Luce seemed to progress each day, my brother had already seen improvements since bringing her home, and from the point that I got home, we only saw improvement. It had happened on the wednesday night, and by the monday evening, she was playing a bit -swatting at my bookmark while I moved it in front of her... and on tuesday, when I came home to have lunch with her, she ate some havarti cheese and some chicken broth! I was on cloud nine! I was so happy she was eating!
So from there, she has gotten back to my good old Lucy - she sleeps with me every night, she comes to say hi when I call her...
I consider myself very lucky that my brother took such expert care of his little feline-neice, and that she is a strong kitty as well!

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