Sunday, November 13, 2005

curious cat/dog happenings

So, once Lucy was back to her normal self, we had a very odd evening of animal happenings. Just to introduce this evening's cast: Ender is a 3 year old lab, and Lucy and Eddie are my two cats.
SO, my brother and I were sitting on the couch petting Lucy when she began some very strange behaviour. The cats are not typically fond of their brutish brother, Ender, and they usually try to avoid even eye contact with him at all costs. This night however, Lucy began sitting and staring at Ender for long periods of time - just staring, no emotion involved, staring steadily as if she were practicing a jedi mind trick. This did something to Ender, because he sat their whimpering and fidgeting the whole time Lucy was staring at him. And she did this from several points in the room, she moved around, and from each new spot, just sat staring. For one of the staring sessions she was about a foot from his head, on the floor in front of the couch he was sitting on. She also jumped onto the arm of said couch, and finally up on the back of it as well. This was far too much for Ender, he thought she was really going to kill him this time, so he left the room.
But later that night, with all five of us in the bed, Eddie left the bed, and went downstairs and was MEOOOOOOWING and MEEEEOOOOOOOOOOWING quite a bit. The next sound we heard was a tennis ball DROPPING beside the bed. Ender had not brought one to bed with him, Eddie had brought the tennis ball up from downstairs and dropped it by the bed... an offering? An attempt to get the big brown canine off the bed? That is more likely.
Lying in bed, I thought, what can it all mean? I thought we had reached a turning point in their relationship, maybe cats were making peace with dog and the world would be a better place...
When I awoke the next morning, I realized that, in fact, hell had not frozen over, and life was back to "normal" once again, with cats hissing and stepping out of the way of the big brute... so I will never know what thoughts were passing through the collective kitty mind that night...

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