Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Snug in my pack

It was a quiet walk today, I was by myself on the trails with Shelby and Paloma.
I love these girls, I love watching their boundless enthusiasm and energy as they leap across the fields and traverse up and down slopes, chasing each other and exploring together.
I'm reminded of Ender and Abby, and on days like today, I still feel them walking with me.  I can hear their unique footfalls:   Ender steady and surefooted, trotting right at my side;  Abby a little bouncy, a lot gangly and prone to wild, careening, spontaneous runs.

Having a dog is a wonderful experience.  Creating a pack, a family with dogs is a chaotic, adventurous, exhausting, exciting, beautiful and at times, heartbreaking experience.  Once a pack, always a pack.  I wonder if Shelby can feel them too.  And can Poe?  She's our newest pack member, and I wonder if Ender and Abby have reached out to her in some way.
I love days like today to remind me that I'm surrounded by my pack, present and past, at all times.

I find myself singing Abby's song, Rae Spoon's "I'll be a Ghost for You,"  and it's fitting.

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