Monday, September 01, 2014

Falling for yet another season....

I adore seasons, I really do.  I have to stop trying to commit to a single one as a favourite.  
For a time in the spring, I am intensely convinced that summer is my favourite season.  I am so drawn to water and the beach, that summer seems to be "my season."  I was born in summer, in a farming community with sticky hot summers, and epic beaches.  Summer always feels like home to me.
This time of year, however, as summer is slinking away, I become obsessed with fall.  I begin collecting lovely teas (this year I'm already up to five little jars of loose tea), planning knitting projects, watching football (!), baking, etc, etc, etc...

This year, fall brings me another reason to get excited...  I will finally (FINALLY!) be taking my yoga teacher training.  I am super stoked about this, because it's been something I've wanted to do for about 15 years now.  That's a long time to keep something out there, in the nebulous beyond of "maybe someday..."  
Why was I pushing it away?  Well, there was the "Oh, that costs money," argument.  Or, "Oh, that takes time..."  (way less than 15 years, tho!)  
I think the real worry was a fear that I wouldn't be "good enough,"  "bendy enough," or just not "enough" of whatever it is I assumed yoga teachers are made of. 

Now that I'm older, I take to heart a simple truth that I've known the whole time I've been practicing.  Yoga is a path.  

No one ever "wins" at yoga.  There is no end to yoga.  There is always deepening, expanding, breathing and learning to be done, once we choose this path.  Yoga is not simply, "hey, look what I can do..."  Yoga is a philosophy, and a love and an immense energy.  
If there are more guides to help others find and follow the path, there will be more of that love and positive energy to go around.  

So when I told my sister over the phone that I had big plans for this fall, and she asked if she could guess, she nailed it on the first try.  She was like, "Finally, Duh!  That's who you are!  Do it!"

So very excited and very ready to soak up all there is to learn during my training! 

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