Tuesday, September 02, 2014

An Open Letter of Thanks to Rae Spoon

Dear Rae Spoon,

This is a letter of gratitude, to say thanks for your song, "I'll be a Ghost for You."
In way of saying thanks, I have a little story for you.

This story is about a vivacious lady named Abby.  Abby happened to be a very special chocolate lab.  She came into my life through a dog rescue group, and we loved each other intensely for the five years we shared.
If Abby were a woman, she'd be a pearl-wearing, Elvis-loving, smoker of cigarettes denoted as "light.  She'd wear her dark dyed hair in what she'd refer to as "a permanent."
I imagined Abby had a penchant for a classic sound in her music.  I used to sing her Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, and a lot of Neko Case.  When I heard your song, "I'll be a Ghost for You," that fit right in, and I believed it was one of her favourites.
The time came to kiss my Honey Brown goodbye.  As we shared those last few moments together, she drifted off with me singing her that song.
It will always be our song in my mind.
The story doesn't end there.
In the fall of 2012, we moved from Ontario to the Okanagan Valley in BC.  It was about this time I was wondering, how would Abby find me all the way out in BC?
One day, on a hike by a waterfall, I looked down, and she was there.  Not even kidding.  There was my Abby, clear as day, standing there, beaming that big old smile right up at me.
I immediately felt happy, balanced and connected to her, right here in this valley where we live now.

The other day, on a quad ride, the song popped into my head, and as I was singing along, I had an epiphany.
How amazing and significant was that - that Abby momentarily became a ghost like figure, reaching out to me,  How ironic, and how wonderful!  How fitting to our special song.

So, there it is.  I'm sure you get lots of feedback, telling you how special and meaningful your music is.  I hope you do, because you deserve it!
I also hope that my little story may have warmed your heart, and helped you see the good in the world that comes from your music.

Sonia Thompson

ps, a photo of my girl, Abby

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