Saturday, February 18, 2012

A winter hike

Since we were lucky enough to have fresh snow on a saturday, we got the dogs out on a hike... We headed to a section of the Bruce Trail near the Forks of the Credit. It's in the area of the old ring kiln.
The dogs had a great time! Ender had a spring in his step, Shelby of course ran wide circles around us as we hiked, and Abby ran along as usual, with leaps and maniacal bursts of speed!

It was fairly rough terrain, rocky and steep, both ways. But everyone did well, and there were no injuries! The ruins of the old kiln are stunning. In one section, the trail darts between buildings, formidable walls of massive stone bricks running on either side. Here is a link with some info on the kilns:

Now the dogs (and Don) are napping... So here are some shots:

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