Thursday, January 05, 2006


When did I stop creating?

>>full time job - - I began wanting things and places

That's when
Misplacing value, putting it where it does not belong.

At the same time, I stopped having fun, being fun, being silly...
and shifted focus to what others thought about my actions, my words

although they were all mine!

This must be what it is to grow up?

Can it be undone?


mekeele said...

Growing up is what you decide it is. Life tends to get hectic and the demands we place on ourselves are of our own making. But under all the debris you are stil you. So go on, create!

Endothermal said...

I would guess, not being in social situations enough. When going to school you are surrounded with social situations when you are working in a cube, you are more isolated and focused. That and the severe lack of easily accessible social drugs.

Endothermal said...

Severe lack of access to good drugs.