Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Getting back on track

So this post was written about my first practice after my surgery in the end of March 2014.  It was a simple day surgery, which meant I was back in my own bed that very same night, but it's amazing how something that can be explained away with words like "simple" and "Day" can still wreak havoc on my body.
Moving on.   So I'm on my mat for the first time since that event, and one of our cats decides to join me for sun salutations. Being a unique and carefree individual, Refrito has his own little yoga routine which mostly involves a lot of scratching of my mat, and snugging up against my hip while I'm in upward dog. There is also a little batting of my hair while I'm in downdog - note to self: Procure eye protection for next practice.
As I was preparing to get really annoyed with these feline attentions, I realized that Refrito was supplying an opportunity to think about equanimity - that great yogic goal of being calm, unflustered, accepting of those things we can't change. There it was, a great, giant lesson squirming there before me in a black, furry mass of energy! My mat is a place where lessons like this are not lost on me, since most of the time I spend there, I'm making a conscious effort to pay attention to the rumblings of my brain. The real trick is bringing this same level of attention of the rumblings of my brain when I don't have a quarter inch of spongey rubber beneath me.

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