Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Diary of a returning Yoga Junkie

Ahhh, there... that's better. This morning, I spent a luscious 20 minutes on my yoga mat... Bah, most of you will say, that's nothing! But, it is something to me. I've kept myself off my mat for far too long. The list of excuses was endless. I'm too busy, work sucks, my cat is dying, my dog is dying, I'm sore, I'm tired, my house is for sale, my house is under almost constant renovation, I'm out of shape, I can't focus, my house is a mess, I'm overwhelmed... What I need to remind myself is that my mat is a cure for all of the above, and more. The main reason I have not been on my mat is that I'm forgetful. I have obviously become too swept up in the riptide which is my life, to remember that my beacon home, back to myself, is always my mat. Sigh. So, yeah, it was 20 minutes, but I feel much better for it. I've become stiff and inflexible, so I'm not even doing all those well-loved poses I used to be able to move through with ease. Now, my work on the mat is sort of a prep for yoga, working towards being able to do those poses again. I'm moving and I'm breathing, and I'm in love all over again. I don't just want to keep at it, I NEED to keep at it. There is no other way (I've found) to keep my brain from careening out of control.

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