Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Swimming and the end of home reno?

We're just on the brink of June and the weather has been hot for some time now. My pool is open, and we've even had a handful of sticky days in a row to be able to swim.
We're almost done our bathroom too - which is great news, because it's getting too hot, and the project has dragged on too long now. We were mentally finished with it weeks ago, yet physically we still have to slog away at it. Now the ceiling is painted, the walls are primed and ready for paint and the floor is almost tiled. The bath has been tiled and in use for over two months now, and the shower tiles need grouted when the floor gets grouted. We have yet to put the cabinets together (Ikea - after the kitchen and the bedroom wardrobe, I could do those in my sleep!) and then we'll need to order the counter top and the glass for the shower.

When we embarked on this project, boy were we naive! We seriously underestimated the amount of time, sweat and frustration that would come with completely gutting and enlarging our existing bathroom. Plus, it's been a tough go on top of our regular 9-5 type jobs.
Soon our hard labour will pay off, and if you come by our place, you will see the two LAZIEST people alive, just reading by the pool, flopping about in the pool, and enjoying some cold "ones."

At least that's the plan...

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Endothermal said...

it all depends on what you mean by "ones". I like to enjoy warm "ones" myself. I really hope we're talking about the same thing.